Sisal Fibre Extraction Machine:

Sisal fibre is an important raw material required for production of variety of ropes, cords, doormats, industrial matting and various articles like shopping bags, coaster wall hanger, pot hanger, table mats, and many other fancy articles, extraction of sisal fibre is largely being done by retting process. The use of improved implements & techniques can add not only to quantitative production to a large extent but to the income of the artisans considerably. Fibre extraction on raspador machine is superior in quality in comparison to fibre obtained by ratting process & economical viable production.

In the normal operation Sisal leaves are split and left for rotting for about 10 days. This is a very slow process. In the this machine the pulp is removed in matter of minutes and subsequently the fibre strands are wetted only for an hour. Thus saving 8-9 days of productive time. This enhances the production capacity. This machine is offered coupled with an electric motor or an oil engine.


  Rope Twisting

Coir Rope Making Charkha :

This incorporates Bicycle wheel supported by ball bearings and is useful in making primary strands which are subsequently used in making ropes using our other range of rope making machine.